Q's Daily DIY Green Tips: Flood Water and Your Indoor Environment

What kind of water is being pumped out homes and basements in Northern NJ and other areas hit hard by Hurricane Irene?  Surface water is classified by the Institute of Cleaning Restoration and Inspection Certification as Category 3.  In order to understand what this means, I'll backtrack.  Category 1 water is clean water, like water that might flood your home when a hot water heater breaks.  Category 2 water is grey water.  Think overflowed dishwasher or washing machine.  Category 3 water is known as black water. For example, sewage.  Years ago when I learned this I developed a whole new respect for flood emergency workers with the wisdom to wear waders.  What is in the water?  Perhaps a better questions is what isn't.  If you are ever in a situation involving the restoration of your home from a flood, first and foremost be safe.  Consider the indoor environment of your home and the health of the occupants when making your property restoration decisions.  

P Quentin Unsworth