Q's Daily DIY Green Tips: CFL's, A Hot Topic

As we continue to examine whether Compact Fluorescent lighting is a positive green energy saving option, let's take a closer look at what the Department of Energy has to save about the pro's of CFL lighting.  As per the DOE, "(CFL's are) Producing about 75% less heat, they are safer to operate and can cut home cooling costs."  Here's a basic breakdown of how an incandescent bulb works: Incandescent bulbs create light by heating a filament in the bulb.  The heat make the filament inside the bulb white hot resulting in the light we see.  Because heat is used to create the light, appriximately 90% of the energy output by an incandescent bulb is in the form of heat.  Ask yourself, How do you cool your home in the summer months?  Will creating less heat in your home reduce your cooling loads? 


P Quentin Unsworth