Q's Daily DIY Green Tips: Determining When to Replace a Refrigerator

I think we all have a good idea when it might be a good time to replace our refrigerator.  It makes noise all the time.  It makes a lot of noise - all the time.  It stopped working and I had it repaired, and it stopped working again.  That last one is my favorite as it happened to me.  Fortunately the repair company attributed the cost of repair towards replacement.  When it comes to replacement, waiting with our fingers crossed as your refrigerator runs inself into the ground might not necessarily be the most cost effective option. Perhaps there is a better way to determine when to say when?  Fortunately, there is; and it boils down to dollars and cents.  The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy in their wisdom have made it easy for us.  By using the ENERGY STAR calculator found here at their website, you can project your refrigerator operating costs and estimated savings.  This information will give you some numbers to back up that gut feeling that the unit is about to go.  All you need is to have a good idea of your freezer layout (they provide pics), your electricity cost per kilowatt hour (kWH) which can be found on your utility bill (here in North Jersey it is about $.018), and the approximate year it was manufactured and size, OR the model number.  Plug in the numbers and see what you can save. 

P Quentin Unsworth