Q's Daily DIY Green Tips: CFL Recap

We've discussed at some length the pros and cons of using compact fluorescent light bulbs in your home and how to get past some of the obstacles blocking our road to becoming more energy efficient.  We have learned that CFL's are hazardous when broken and to observe the saftey guidelines enclosed in the packaging or found on the EPA website when dealing with a broken, cracked or compromised bulbs.  We've discussed occassions when CFL's are appropriate and inapproriate when addressing different types of space and human conditions.  We have also learned that it is important to select the right CFL for the task at hand; whether it be finding a CFL compatible with a dimmer or timer or finding a CFL that will work with a ceiling fan.  It is well established that CFL's are a highly energy efficient option when considering how to reduce your home energy consumption.  When making our choice as consumers, it is important that we are educated and understand both the risks and the merits of using this efficient form of lighting.   

P Quentin Unsworth