Q's Daily DIY Green Tips: CFL's and the Ultraviolet

Another potential drawback of compact fluorescent light bulbs is that they emit ultraviolet radiation (UV), the same type of radiation produced by the sun.  While it is documented that the levels of UV emitted by CFL's are safe for the average person, they may pose a risk to those with certain skin conditions in the same way they would be sensitive to sunlight and other light bulbs that emit UV.  Those with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and another auto-immune disease may also be at risk.  What's the solution to reduce your own risk?  Keep your distance.  It is widely accepted that keeping at least 30 cm or 1 foot from CFL's reduces the risk for "the general population."  An added precaution can be to use standard acrylic diffusers which are known to absorb UV-B radiation.  Safety first.  When in doubt about whether your health is at risk, we recommend consulting your physician.

P Quentin Unsworth