Q's Daily DIY Green Tips: Refrigerator Power Saver

Many refrigerators are equipped with a power saver switch.  Sounds great, right?  Yep,it is.  The power saver switch controls small heaters that condition the space on the refrigerator around the door gasket that is often cold.  In most instances this switch should be off, meaning the heaters should be off.  This will save you energy.  The only time the heaters should be running is on days when the ambient air is warm and humid.  When it is warm and humid and the gasket is cold, the gasket may reach dew point, which is the temperature at which H2O condenses from vapor into liquid.  If the heaters are off at this time you can run into condensation problems, like puddles of water on the floor.  Otherwise, use that power saver switch and save!  On a side note, make sure you read your manual and know what it means when the switch is "on" and "off," as this can often be potentially undefined on the actual switch depending on your refrigerator model. 

P Quentin Unsworth