Q's Daily DIY Green Tips: Hurricane Irene - Ice Up Before Power is Down

With Hurricane Irene looming over the Eastern Seaboard, people are thronging to supermarkets buying up supplies.  It is projected that if the storm hits North Jersey where Groundswell Contracting operates, power outages are likely to occur. Batteries are a hot item in this part of the country, but at the moment, I am more concerned with people's perishable food.  The name of the game is conserving the energy you have.  If your power goes, remember to open your refrigerator when only absolutely necessary.  As an added measure, freeze bottled water in your freezer in advance.  If things start to warm up, move the iced bottled water to the fridge to help keep things cool.  This measure may help temporarily sustain your perishable food before power is restored.  Aside from taking actions such as these, first and foremost, remember to be safe.

P Quentin Unsworth