Q's Daily DIY Green Tips: The Importance of Clean A/C Filters

As per the Department of Energy, one of the most important tasks associated with running an efficient central air conditioning system is changing the filters.  Dirty air conditioning filters are directly linked to inefficient energy use.  For one, dirty filters blocking the vents will cause your air conditioning system to work harder to push the cool air into your living environment.   Air that bypasses the obstructed filters may cause an dirt build up on the air conditioner's evaporator coil and limit its heat absorbing capacity.  Both of these issues can be easily solved by regularly checking your filters for replacement (or cleaning depending on your system).  Changing your filters can result in saving 5% - 15% of the energy necessary to run your system.  With this kind of savings on the table, checking your filters once a month is likely not too often.  If you have a pet with fur, or there tends to be significant dust build up over a short period of time, it may be necessary to change your filters more regularly.  Keep your system clean and save!

P Quentin Unsworth