Q's Daily DIY Green Tips: Programmable Thermostats are Cool

Do you use central air in your home?  If so, did you ever notice the "Summer Swing" on your electrical bill when your usage spikes during the summer months?  Now ask yourself, is my thermostat programmable?  The point of cooling equipment is to control the indoor environment for the comfort of the occupants.  What happens when the occupants are at work, or simply not around?  Using a programmable thermostat will allow you to schedule setbacks for the temperature and the duration of the setback and through control of usage, save energy.  Consider the following example: An occupant is normally home between 7 PM and 7 AM.  When home, they like the temperature to be around 72 degrees.  The occupant purchases a programmable thermostat and sets the temperature 5 - 10 degrees higher for the 12 hours they are not home.  Depending on where the occupant lives, this setback can result in up to 25% energy savings during the summer swing.  Now have a second look at that utility bill and see how much you can save.  

P Quentin Unsworth