Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Mold no more, CO no more

On a project we recently completed in Wayne, NJ our customer had a bit of a mold problem. Finding the cause of these problems can sometimes present some interesting challenges.  In this instance, the problem was two-fold.  The roof leak around their chimney was the primary culprit, however, when open up the walls during the mold remediation phase of the project we found that the ceramic liner from a previously removed natural gas heater was still in place connecting to the main ceramic lined chimney.  What does this mean?  Combustion gas is often moist when venting out your from your home.  In this instance some of the combustion gas from their basement was venting into their wall.  Not ideal.  Combustion gas can often contain elevated levels of CO.  Thankfully this visible mold triggered the remediation and after closing up the opening to the chimney we were able to address the two IAQ issues at once.  The tip: address mold issues when the arise.