Groundswell Contracting Announces Home Performance with Energy Star Participation

Groundswell Contracting is pleased to announce that they will now be participating in the New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star Program.  As participants in the program they will be will be able to offer New Jersey Homeowners up to $14,000 between cash rebates and loan incentives.  

The first step towards improving your home's energy efficiency is an energy audit.  The actual energy audit is comprised of a visual inspection, combustion safety testing, a blower door test and review of one full year of energy bills.  During the blower door test Groundswell Contracting uses a thermal imaging camera to determine areas of air leakage. 

The data gathered during the audit is then input into energy calculating software to determine the efffectiveness energy saving measures that can be performed in a home.  Typical measures include air sealing, insulation, and when applicable, the replacement of HVAC and Hot Water Heating Appliances. 

A large portion of the energy audit and the following home efficiency improvement work is focused on safety. Rule number one when making a home more efficient is to first do no harm.  Groundswell Contracting is dedicated to developing and maintaining a healthy home.

Energy efficiency measures can be translated into real savings.  With the present incentives available through the Home Performance with Energy Star Program, there is significant opportunity for a timely return on investment.

Groundswell Contracting looks forward to working with the homeowner's of Northern New Jersey and encourages homeowners to take advantage of the incentives available.  More information about the Home Performance with Energy Star Program can be found here.

P Quentin Unsworth