Groundswell Contracting Becomes BPI Accredited Contractor

Groundswell Contracting is proud to announce their Accredidation as a BPI Gold Star Contractor.

The above information is quoted directly from BPI's Webpage at

BPI's "nationally recognized standards and quality assurance protocols help separate the best-of-the-best from the also-rans. Not every company can make the grade, but those that do prosper because they can prove they have the knowledge and expertise to help customers improve the performance, decrease the carbon footprint and lower the expenses of their homes."

"By increasing the scope of work, accredited contracting companies see an improved bottom line, earn a reputation for quality work and also add value to the community."

"BPI requires that organizations implement internal quality control procedures and agree to participate in ongoing quality assurance administered by BPI. This is a prerequisite to becoming recognized as a BPI Accredited organization. This also helps form the basis for ongoing quality assurance verification by BPI. BPI Accredited organizations perform work in accordance with the protocols provided in the BPI National Standards and with the terms of their Accreditation Agreement.

"For conformance with BPI Accreditation requirements, all completed projects will receive a final signature from the customer indicating that their project work has been completed to their satisfaction. BPI will provide BPI Accredited organizations with standardized forms for recording pertinent information relating to each project. For ease of transfer to BPI, this information will be maintained in a database format. The organizations will record and keep on file specified levels of project and performance information. Documentation of completed work will be recorded and periodically reviewed under the BPI Quality Assurance Program."

"BPI will use a combination of periodic surveys of customers, telephone interviews as well as field and file reviews based on a minimum of five percent (5%) of BPI Accredited organizations’ projects to evaluate conformance with BPI National Standards. Under the terms of the BPI Accreditation Agreement, BPI will evaluate the accredited organization’s conformance with the BPI National Standards and other requirements and provide feedback."

 The above information is quoted directly from BPI's Webpage at

P Quentin Unsworth