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Expertise | Professionalism | Northern NJ

When selecting a contractor to work with, your confidence in the contractor is a key element in making an informed decision. Our expertise in the following areas is backed by rigorous education, certifications, years of experience, and our commitment to continuing betterment.

Building Consultant Services: Successful Subgrogation I and successful Subrogation II certified staff

Building Diagnostics: Groundswell Contracting is BPI GOld Star Accredited contractor

Restorations Services: Groundswell Contracting is an IICRC Certified Firm

Commercial Roofing: certified versico flat roofing membrane installer


Building Consultant Services | Northern NJ


Groundswell Contracting has provided building consultant services since the company's inception. The team at Groundswell Contracting brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our customers.

Groundswell Contracting conducts:




Green Building Consulting | Diagnostic Testing | Northern NJ

"Zenesis is the physical manifestation of cradletocradle, sitespecific ecoluxurious design. From its netzeroenergy performance, to how it creatively reclaims energy already used, to orientation of elements to maximize warmth in winter and shade in summer, to using nontoxic materials throughout, to its ability to sustain a 200mph wind to its modern comforts, to how pure and peaceful it is indoors… there is quite simply no building like it in the world. "  - Zenesis House, Project Summary

Groundswell Contracting was engaged to perform blower door testing and air sealing diagnostics through multiple phases of the project which resulted in achieving Passive House certification for the home in addition to it's LEED Platinum Certification. A great project to be a part of, congratulations to Raj and Asit for their achievement.

Remarkably low air changes per hour is not the only exciting aspect of Zenesis House. Check out the write up about the home in Green Building and Design (gb&d) magazine. And for those residents of NJ tired of sheveling their driveway, check out this link from Pix 11  that discusses Zenesis House's green alternative.


Green Building Consulting Services | Northern NJ

As a green building consulting firm, we provide advice, testing and guidance towards making properties green. We specialize in implementing green and sustainable elements into projects both small and large. Groundswell Contracting and our network of experienced and qualified professionals is prepared to design and build your green building project today. Let us guide you.




Insurance Claim Consultant Services | Northern NJ

As building consultants we work with insurance claim adjusters to create like kind and quality estimates. As a full service property damage restoration general contractor we are fully prepared to stand by and execute the scopes of work we provide. Groundswell Contracting proudly serves as a Building Consultant for the premier insurance carrier in Northern New Jersey for residential homes property damage claims and commercial property claims.



“Every project we engage is unique. Our dedication to excellent service and exceptional quality is what keeps our clients coming back.”

Quentin Unsworth | Founder



Blower Door Testing | Northern NJ

What is a blower door test?

A blower door test combines the use of a blower door and a manometer to measure pressure differential between the building envelope and the exterior. When the house is pressurized or depressurized to 50 pascals, the calibrated manometer will produce a cfm50 (cubic feet per minute at 50 pascals) number, a unit of measurement used to reference the air tightness of a home.  


A blower door test allows you to both determine actual amount of air leakage in your home and locate the most problematic air leakage areas. Pre-project and post-project blower door testing can help quantify the effects of energy saving measures in a home and is also used to calculate Building Airflow Standard to verify compliance with ASHRAE 62-89 requirements.

Blower door testing is also utilized to determine Air Changes per Hour (ACH), a unit of measurement referenced to determine Energy Code Compliance. Blower door testing to determine ACH is one of the paths to compliance within the 2015 Energy Code


Why choose Groundswell Contracting?

We follow recommended standards set forth by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) when performing blower door testing. Groundswell Contracting is a BPI Accredited Gold Star Contractor and has LEED AP personnel on staff.


Duct Tightness Testing | Northern NJ



Duct tightness testing, often referenced as duct blaster testing, is the pressurization or depressurization of a HVAC duct system to determine the tightness of the system.  Often, two elements are measured: total duct leakage and duct leakage of a duct system with components in an unconditioned space in reference to the outside (exterior).  

As a general rule, a properly sized tight duct system is a more efficient duct system. In recent years energy codes have become more stringent with their requirements requiring testing for energy code compliance.


Tight duct systems increase energy efficiency.  Depending on where your duct system is located we may be able to help you make your system more efficient.

If you area a builder, we can help you maintain a green standard by providing 2015 Energy Code Duct System Tightness Compliance Testing in Northern NJ. 

Groundswell Contracting is a BPI Accredited Gold Star Contractor and has LEED AP personnel on staff.



International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Compliance Testing


A Service for builders and developers:

Blower Door testingDuct Blaster Testing and Energy Code Compliance certification | Northern NJ


Combustion Safety Testing | Northern NJ

High Efficiency Combination Boiler and DHW by Groundswell Contracting

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is the product of incomplete combustion.  During a home energy assessment, Combustion Safety Testing is performed to verify that your home's combustion appliances, such as hot water heater, furnace, oven, and/or boiler, are drafting properly and that combustion is occurring within prescribed limits. 


Gas Leak Detection | Northern NJ

Groundswell Contracting: Groundswell Guy

Home Safety is important.

Home safety is a priority when developing a energy efficiency improvement scope.  During a home energy assessment, leak detection of visible and reachable fuel lines is performed to verify that there are no leaks present in your home. 


Home Performance with Energy Star | Northern NJ


new jersey's clean energy program | Home Performance with Energy Star

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR offers "whole house” solutions to reduce both your energy costs and carbon footprint. Installing energy efficient upgrades in your home can save you up to 30% on energy costs and increase the comfort, safety, and durability of your home. 

New Jersey homeowners now have until June 30, 2017 to receive up to $4,000 in financial incentives. You may also qualify for 0% interest financing (up to $10,000 with a 7-year maximum term) or 4.99% financing (up to $15,000 with a 10-year maximum term) to help pay for the energy-efficient upgrades!

At Groundswell Contracting we are often most effective with our clients when they are entering a property damage restoration or renovation situation and are looking to capitalize on the opportunity to improve their home's efficiency.  

Why choose Groundswell Contracting?

Groundswell Contracting is and Building Performance Institute (BPI) Accredited Gold Star Contractor and a participating NJ Home Performance with Energy Star Contractor.  As a contractor working within the State Home Performance Program we are able to gain our qualified customers access to rebates and incentives.

When looking to make your home more energy efficient we focus on whole house solutions to improve not only carbon footprint, but also your bottom line.



Water Leak Detection | Northern NJ


Having trouble finding the source of your water leak?

We utilize moisture detection equipment, thermal imaging and our experience to pinpoint the cause of your water leak and will correct the problem ourselves or work with your contractor to make your water problem no more.

We specialize in finding the source of roof leaks, plumbing leaks and mitigating ice damming issues.


Restoration Experts | Northern NJ

2014-01-11 11.09.49.jpg

Property Damage Restoration Expertise | Northern NJ


Groundswell Contracting is an Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification (IICRC) Certified Firm

The IICRC is a nonprofit certification and Standards Developing Organization (SDO) for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. Serving the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, in partnership with regional and international trade associations, the IICRC represents the entire industry. The IICRC is recognized internationally as a knowledgeable industry voice and resource. 

Property damage restoration is a big part of what we do at Groundswell Contracting.  

Check out our services we have to offer.


REO Services | Northern NJ


Groundswell Contracting works with nationwide property owners, and local listing agents to restore and rehabilitate properties for purposes of sale, rent, or conveyance, in Northern NJ. Integrity and professionalism are what separates us from the competition. Contact us to learn more about our REO services and the expertise we offer our clients.



What is REO?

Per investopedia.com:

Real estate owned, or REO, is the name given to foreclosed-upon real estate, such as detached houses, condominiums, townhomes and land, in a bank's portfolio. Such properties end up in bank portfolios after unsuccessful sales at foreclosure auctions. A bank takes ownership of a foreclosed property when no bidder offers the amount it seeks to cover the loan.


Commercial Roofing | Northern NJ

Groundswell Contracting provides commercial flat roofing solutions in Northern NJ. Learn more about commercial roofing with Groundswell Contracting.


Versico Certified Flat Roofing Installations | Northern NJ


Groundswell Contracting is a Versico Roofing Systems Certified Installer. 

As a certified installer we have the ABILITY to perform commercial flat roofing installations with a Versico Warranty.


EPDM Roofing System Installation | Somerset County NJ


Versico TPO Roofing Installation | Somerset County NJ

Versico TPO Roofing Installation. Groundswell Contracting is a Certified Versico Roofing Systems Installer.